Just a place to put a piece of me.

I seriously never like what I make 99% of the time, but I just still need to make things even if I myself can’t call it art or aesthetically pleasing at all.

I live too much in my head and I often forget to clean after myself.

I live too much in my head and I often forget to clean after myself.

Sometimes I don’t want to sleep because I have so much to do on my creative checklist and ideas just keep finding me at night. I’d actually do something but the fact that I cannot harness my will power to wake up early on time stops me from doing something. Art never sleeps but I need to.

Sometimes when I look at other peoples’ art I feel insecure about my own art rather than feeling inspired. Most of the time, I’m just insecure about my art in general.

Determined to keep up with this. If you have nothing else better to do then you’re welcomed to look at this. It’s going to be mostly for my daily photos and just a place to interesting stuff about my life (or at least what I think is interesting).

I’ve read lots of times that you should always try to write something everyday no matter what it is. The problem with writing for me isn’t the muse, it’s trying to figure out what thought I want to convey on the paper. Thoughts come and go in my head faster than I could ever write or type a word. Sometimes when I try to hold onto that one good thought, I lose the original sentence of the idea and it doesn’t sound as appealing as it did the first time it came to me. Writing is like trying to catch a butterfly in a swarm without a net. It looks and sounds as if it should be easy, but yet, it’s pretty difficult. I seriously cannot focus on just one idea. There’s too much to think about and there only so many words you can write at a time.